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Company Car Training

Company car drivers are

finding themselves under

More pressure every day,

From the ever-increasing volume

Of traffic, the law and sometimes

their employers by way of

Unrealistic targets and most


Driverite offers bespoke courses to meet our clients’ requirements and are designed to reduce these pressures by giving the drivers the tools they need to work efficiently and safely while on the road, both for themselves and the company they work for.

Our trainers cover all areas of training and whatever your requirements, our trainers will cater for them.

FUEL SAVINGS: for many companies, fuel savings are paramount in keeping the company viable. Our trainers will reduce fuel cost by training in eco-driving. Not only will this assist the company with financial outgoings, but also the driver in their own vehicles in their own time. This method of training is proven to reduce costs.

Other SAVINGS: Through training, it has been shown that companies face less vehicle repair bills due to incidents and loss of work time whilst vehicle is undergoing repairs. Training can also limit the time your drivers are away from work due to driver and road related stress.

Meeting the ‘Duty of Care’ by having drivers undergo assessments and driver training, the company will have shown that they place the safety of their drivers first and foremost.
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