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Courses at Driverite


As a company, we understand the busy lifestyles people often lead, so are able to offer lessons from early morning til late at night 7 days a week in Skegness and surrounding areas

Depending on your own personal ability our instructors will teach you every aspect of driving using up to date structured training.


Do you want to learn to drive quickly? Let our experience in intensive courses guide you through every stage of leaning swiftly and efficiently with the confidence that you will pass quickly.


Do motorways frighten you? Do you always journey around them? Not any more. Our course will take you to a motorway and guide you through every stage of motorway driving. Including slip roads and exit roads, overtaking using all lanes and practising emergency breakdowns.


Are you newly qualified driver or between 17-25 years? Did you know that statistically you are more likely to have an accident and that insurance premiums are higher. You can reduce both risks by taking a pass plus course. We will train you and then issue you with a Diving Standards Agency certificate. This will take up to 33% off your insurance, and give you an advanced driving skill.


Driving is like riding a bike, you never quite forget. It just takes a little confidence. Our specialist instructors will guide you back onto the road at your own pace.


What is it all about and how can it help you? this type of driving is becoming very popular with all kinds of corporate and fleet companies. It prepares you for hazards and obstacles, using forward planning and thinking. and this kind of awareness, when taught correctly, can protect you from the every day encounters you are likely to come across on our ever increasing dangerous roads.

This Course is GUARANTEED to REDUCE THE RISK of accidents.
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Driving lessons with a fully qualified instructor
DriveRite Driving School
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